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~  Our 32nd Season  ~

• Minnesota Birding Weekends ~ 2017-18 Season

Minnesota Birding Weeks & Weekends (MBW) enters its 32nd season and offers unique, modestly priced in-state birding weekends in association with the Minnesota Ornithologists’ Union (MBWeekends originated in 1986 as MOU Birding Weekends). We have now had more than 8,600 MBW registrations, a total of 389 MBWeekends since 1986, and a composite list of 363 species that we have seen in Minnesota.

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and previous summaries of the 2017-18 MBWeekends.

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• Minnesota Birding Weeks ~ 2017-18 Season

In addition to our MBWeekends, this season’s schedule of out-of-state MBWeeks (there have been 100 of them since 1988, with 706 species on our composite list! ) includes Southern California (twice), Newfoundland & Nova Scotia, Washington & British Columbia, and South Texas. And be sure to note the modest cost of MBWeeks – typically less than half the price of similar trips offered by other tour companies.

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and previous summaries of the 2017-18 MBWeeks.

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This MBWbirds website also includes...

• A Birder’s Guide to Minnesota updates

Corrections and additions to the 4th edition of A Birder's Guide to Minnesota (revised 2002; now out-of-print) are published here periodically as needed. These updates are to provide those who use this basic reference to Minnesota's birding locations with the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

~ Most recent update March 2017 ~

• Birding by Hindsight

This series of 70 bird identification articles included an installment in every issue of The Loon, journal of the Minnesota Ornithologists’ Union, from 1995 to 2012. Note that this set of articles was also recently published by Stone Ridge Press: Birding By Hindsight: A Second Look at Bird Identification (see http://www.birdnerdz.net).

~ Most recent (and final) article in Spring 2012 issue of The Loon ~

• Minnesota Sewage Ponds

Municipal sewage ponds (also known as sewage lagoons, settling ponds, wastewater treatment ponds, etc.) are often productive birding sites. Accordingly, a checklist of Minnesota’s 375 known sewage ponds is included here.

~ Most recent update March 2017 ~

• MBW checklists & quizzes

Included here are checklists with the 363 species recorded on MBWeekends and the 706 species found on MBWeeks & MBWeekends combined. In addition, two quizzes are presented to enhance your knowledge of the 30-year history of MBWs and of 30 idioms often heard on MBWs.

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For additional information, contact Kim R. Eckert at eckertkr@gmail.com  or 218 349 5953. Also available are  GUIDING SERVICES  for those interested in a personal or group tour in Minnesota or other states and provinces in the U.S. and Canada. ....And finally, what would any self-respecting website be without the obligatory BLOG !?


~  MARCH 28, 2017  ~

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• The summary of the recent Southwestern MN MBWeekend (the first MBW

  of the 2016-17 season), the current registration status as of March 28 for all

  MBWs on the 2017-18 schedule, their complete descriptions, and summaries  

  of these MBWs from previous years.

• A new set of corrections and additions for A Birder's Guide to Minnesota.

• An updated checklist of Minnesota's sewage ponds.

• Also note that a print edition of the "Birding By Hindsight" series of articles

  has now been published; see http://www.birdnerdz.net.

Great Gray Owl

Duluth MBWeekend

January 2017

(Neil Wingert photo)

Laysan Albatross

Washington - B.C. MBWeek

September 2016