Requests for information from visiting birders, whether by e-mail, telephone, or in person, have always been – and should be – free of charge. But when a guide personally accompanies and assists birders in the field, it is appropriate to charge a fee for the guide’s time:


My fee is $20/hour total (not per person), regardless of the number of persons guided: i.e., 2 persons = $10/person/hour, 4 persons = $5/ person/hour, etc. The hours involved include the time spent birding or traveling.

There are additional charges for any personal expenses incurred while birding or traveling: i.e., meals, lodging (if away from Duluth overnight), or transportation (my vehicle is available @ 20¢/mile, gasoline included).


Individuals or groups can also be guided at other locations in the U. S. / Canada, where I have previously led MBWeeks or Victor Emanuel Nature Tours. These include:

• Arizona

• California

• Colorado (grouse leks in April)

• Florida (including Dry Tortugas)

• Manitoba (including Churchill)

• Nebraska (Sandhill Cranes in March)

• Newfoundland & Nova Scotia

• North Dakota

• Ontario-Ohio-Michigan (Point Pelee, Magee Marsh, Kirtland’s Warblers,

  Whitefish Point)

• Texas (including Big Bend, South Texas, the Hill Country, and High Island /

  East Texas)

• Washington & British Columbia    

The participants share in all the trip expenses: my guiding fee of $240/day plus expenses (meals, lodging, and travel), vehicle rentals, gas, entry fees and permits, lodging, etc.


For additional information or to schedule a tour, contact:

Kim Richard Eckert

218 349 5953


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