Two MBW composite checklists follow: the first with those species

found in Minnesota during MBWeekends; the second with the species

found on all MBWeeks and MBWeekends combined.



733 species  ~  through April 2024

The following species have been recorded on a MBWeek or MBWeekend since 1986. The nomenclature, sequence, and "countable" exotics are according to the 2023 American Ornithological Society / American Birding Association checklist.


(312 / 313 species seen)

  √  Snow Goose

  √  Ross's Goose

  √  Greater White-fronted Goose

  √  Cackling Goose

  √  Canada Goose

  √  Mute Swan

  √  Trumpeter Swan

  √  Tundra Swan

  √  Wood Duck

  √  Blue-winged Teal

  √  Cinnamon Teal

  √  Northern Shoveler

  √  Gadwall

  √  American Wigeon

  √  Mallard

  √  American Black Duck

  √  Northern Pintail

  √  Green-winged Teal

  √  Canvasback

  √  Redhead

  √  Ring-necked Duck

  √  Greater Scaup

  √  Lesser Scaup

  √  Harlequin Duck

  √  Surf Scoter

  √  White-winged Scoter

  √  Black Scoter

  √  Long-tailed Duck

  √  Bufflehead

  √  Common Goldeneye

  √  Barrow's Goldeneye

  √  Hooded Merganser

  √  Common Merganser

  √  Red-breasted Merganser

  √  Ruddy Duck

  √  Wild Turkey

  √  Ruffed Grouse

  √  Spruce Grouse

  √  Sharp-tailed Grouse

  √  Greater Prairie-Chicken

  √  Gray Partridge

  √  Ring-necked Pheasant

  √  Pied-billed Grebe

  √  Horned Grebe

  √  Red-necked Grebe

  √  Eared Grebe

  √  Western Grebe

  √  Clark's Grebe

  √  Rock Pigeon

  √  Eurasian Collared-Dove

      White-winged Dove

  √  Mourning Dove

  √  Yellow-billed Cuckoo

  √  Black-billed Cuckoo

  √  Common Nighthawk

  √  Eastern Whip-poor-will

  √  Chimney Swift

  √  Ruby-throated Hummingbird

  √  Virginia Rail

  √  Sora

  √  Common Gallinule

  √  American Coot

  √  Yellow Rail

  √  Sandhill Crane

  √  American Avocet

  √  Black-bellied Plover

  √  American Golden-Plover

  √  Killdeer

  √  Semipalmated Plover

  √  Piping Plover

  √  Upland Sandpiper

  √  Whimbrel

  √  Hudsonian Godwit

  √  Marbled Godwit

  √  Ruddy Turnstone

  √  Stilt Sandpiper

  √  Sanderling

  √  Dunlin

  √  Baird's Sandpiper

  √  Least Sandpiper

  √  White-rumped Sandpiper

  √  Buff-breasted Sandpiper

  √  Pectoral Sandpiper

  √  Semipalmated Sandpiper

  √  Short-billed Dowitcher

  √  Long-billed Dowitcher

  √  American Woodcock

  √  Wilson's Snipe

  √  Spotted Sandpiper

  √  Solitary Sandpiper

  √  Lesser Yellowlegs

  √  Willet

  √  Greater Yellowlegs

  √  Wilson's Phalarope

  √  Red-necked Phalarope

  √  Parasitic Jaeger

  √  Sabine's Gull

  √  Bonaparte's Gull

  √  Little Gull

  √  Franklin's Gull

  √  Ring-billed Gull

  √  Herring Gull

  √  Iceland Gull

  √  Lesser Black-backed Gull

  √  Glaucous Gull

  √  Great Black-backed Gull

  √  Caspian Tern

  √  Black Tern

  √  Common Tern

  √  Forster's Tern

  √  Red-throated Loon

  √  Pacific Loon

  √  Common Loon

  √  Double-crested Cormorant

  √  American White Pelican

  √  American Bittern

  √  Least Bittern

  √  Great Blue Heron

  √  Great Egret

  √  Snowy Egret

  √  Little Blue Heron

  √  Cattle Egret

  √  Green Heron

  √  Black-crowned Night Heron

  √  Yellow-crowned Night Heron

  √  White-faced Ibis

  √  Turkey Vulture

  √  Osprey

  √  Golden Eagle

  √  Northern Harrier

  √  Sharp-shinned Hawk

  √  Cooper's Hawk

  √  American Goshawk

  √  Bald Eagle

  √  Red-shouldered Hawk

  √  Broad-winged Hawk

  √  Swainson's Hawk

  √  Red-tailed Hawk

  √  Rough-legged Hawk

  √  Eastern Screech-Owl

  √  Great Horned Owl

  √  Snowy Owl

  √  Northern Hawk Owl

  √  Barred Owl

  √  Great Gray Owl

  √  Long-eared Owl

  √  Short-eared Owl

  √  Boreal Owl

  √  Northern Saw-whet Owl

  √  Belted Kingfisher

  √  Red-headed Woodpecker

  √  Red-bellied Woodpecker

  √  Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

  √  Am. Three-toed Woodpecker

  √  Black-backed Woodpecker

  √  Downy Woodpecker

  √  Hairy Woodpecker

  √  Northern Flicker

  √  Pileated Woodpecker

  √  American Kestrel

  √  Merlin

  √  Peregrine Falcon

  √  Prairie Falcon

  √  Great Crested Flycatcher

  √  Western Kingbird

  √  Eastern Kingbird

  √  Olive-sided Flycatcher

  √  Eastern Wood-Pewee

  √  Yellow-bellied Flycatcher

  √  Acadian Flycatcher

  √  Alder Flycatcher

  √  Willow Flycatcher

  √  Least Flycatcher

  √  Eastern Phoebe

  √  Say's Phoebe

  √  Bell's Vireo

  √  Yellow-throated Vireo

  √  Blue-headed Vireo

  √  Philadelphia Vireo

  √  Warbling Vireo

  √  Red-eyed Vireo

  √  Loggerhead Shrike

  √  Northern Shrike

  √  Canada Jay

  √  Blue Jay

  √  Black-billed Magpie

  √  American Crow

  √  Common Raven


  √  Black-capped Chickadee

  √  Boreal Chickadee

  √  Tufted Titmouse

  √  Horned Lark

  √  Bank Swallow

  √  Tree Swallow

  √  N. Rough-winged Swallow

  √  Purple Martin

  √  Barn Swallow

  √  Cliff Swallow

  √  Ruby-crowned Kinglet

  √  Golden-crowned Kinglet

  √  Bohemian Waxwing

  √  Cedar Waxwing

  √  Red-breasted Nuthatch

  √  White-breasted Nuthatch

  √  Brown Creeper

  √  Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

  √  Carolina Wren

  √  House Wren

  √  Winter Wren

  √  Sedge Wren

  √  Marsh Wren

  √  Gray Catbird

  √  Brown Thrasher

  √  Northern Mockingbird

  √  European Starling

  √  Eastern Bluebird

  √  Townsend's Solitaire

  √  Veery

  √  Gray-cheeked Thrush

  √  Swainson's Thrush

  √  Hermit Thrush

  √  Wood Thrush

  √  American Robin

  √  Varied Thrush

  √  House Sparrow

  √  American Pipit

  √  Evening Grosbeak

  √  Pine Grosbeak

  √  House Finch

  √  Purple Finch

  √  Common Redpoll

  √  Hoary Redpoll

  √  Red Crossbill

  √  White-winged Crossbill

  √  Pine Siskin

  √  American Goldfinch

  √  Lapland Longspur

  √  Chestnut-collared Longspur

  √  Smith's Longspur

  √  Snow Bunting

  √  Grasshopper Sparrow

  √  Lark Sparrow

  √  Chipping Sparrow

  √  Clay-colored Sparrow

  √  Field Sparrow

  √  Fox Sparrow

  √  American Tree Sparrow

  √  Dark-eyed Junco

  √  White-crowned Sparrow

  √  Harris's Sparrow

  √  White-throated Sparrow

  √  Vesper Sparrow

  √  LeConte's Sparrow

  √  Nelson's Sparrow

  √  Henslow's Sparrow

  √  Savannah Sparrow

  √  Song Sparrow

  √  Lincoln's Sparrow

  √  Swamp Sparrow

  √  Spotted Towhee

  √  Eastern Towhee

  √  Yellow-breasted Chat

  √  Yellow-headed Blackbird  

  √  Bobolink

  √  Eastern Meadowlark

  √  Western Meadowlark

  √  Orchard Oriole

  √  Baltimore Oriole

  √  Red-winged Blackbird

  √  Brown-headed Cowbird

  √  Rusty Blackbird

  √  Brewer's Blackbird

  √  Common Grackle

  √  Great-tailed Grackle

  √  Ovenbird

  √  Louisiana Waterthrush

  √  Northern Waterthrush

  √  Golden-winged Warbler

  √  Blue-winged Warbler

  √  Black-and-white Warbler

  √  Prothonotary Warbler

  √  Tennessee Warbler

  √  Orange-crowned Warbler

  √  Nashville Warbler

  √  Connecticut Warbler

  √  Mourning Warbler

  √  Common Yellowthroat

  √  Hooded Warbler

  √  American Redstart

  √  Cape May Warbler

  √  Cerulean Warbler

  √  Northern Parula

  √  Magnolia Warbler

  √  Bay-breasted Warbler

  √  Blackburnian Warbler

  √  Yellow Warbler

  √  Chestnut-sided Warbler

  √  Blackpoll Warbler

  √  Black-throated Blue Warbler

  √  Palm Warbler

  √  Pine Warbler

  √  Yellow-rumped Warbler

  √  Black-thr. Green Warbler

  √  Canada Warbler

  √  Wilson's Warbler

  √  Summer Tanager

  √  Scarlet Tanager

  √  Western Tanager

  √  Northern Cardinal

  √  Rose-breasted Grosbeak

  √  Blue Grosbeak

  √  Indigo Bunting

  √  Dickcissel


(30 / 41 species seen)


√  Eurasian Wigeon

√  King Eider

√  Rufous Hummingbird

√  Black-necked Stilt

√  Red Knot


     Purple Sandpiper

√  Western Sandpiper

√  Red Phalarope

√  Pomarine Jaeger

√  Black-legged Kittiwake

     Laughing Gull

√  California Gull

     Slaty-backed Gull

     Least Tern

√  Arctic Tern

√  Brown Pelican

√  Glossy Ibis

     Black Vulture

     Mississippi Kite

√  Barn Owl

√  Burrowing Owl

     Lewis’s Woodpecker

√  Gyrfalcon

√  Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

√  White-eyed Vireo

√  Clark’s Nutcracker

√  Mountain Bluebird

√  Eurasian Tree Sparrow

√  Sprague's Pipit

√  Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch

     Lark Bunting

√  Golden-crowned Sparrow

     Worm-eating Warbler

√  Kentucky Warbler

√  Yellow-throated Warbler

√  Prairie Warbler

√  Black-headed Grosbeak

√  Lazuli Bunting

     Painted Bunting


(29 / 95 species seen)

     Black-bellied Whistling-Duck

     Fulvous Whistling-Duck


     Mottled Duck

  Tufted Duck

  Common Eider


     Willow Ptarmigan

     Rock Ptarmigan

     Band-tailed Pigeon

√  Inca Dove

√  Common Ground Dove

     Groove-billed Ani

     Common Poorwill


     White-throated Swift

     Mexican Violetear

     Rivoli's Hummingbird

     Anna’s Hummingbird

     Costa’s Hummingbird

     Calliope Hummingbird

     Broad-billed Hummingbird

√  King Rail

     Purple Gallinule

     Black Rail


     Whooping Crane

     Wilson’s Plover

√  Snowy Plover

     Long-billed Curlew

     Sharp-tailed Sandpiper

     Curlew Sandpiper

  Long-tailed Jaeger


√  Black Guillemot

     Long-billed Murrelet

     Ancient Murrelet

√  Ivory Gull

  Black-headed Gull

     Ross’s Gull

     Short-billed Gull

√  Glaucous-winged Gull

     Gull-billed Tern

     Sandwich Tern

     Elegant Tern

√  Yellow-billed Loon

     Northern Fulmar

  Wood Stork

     Magnificent Frigatebird

     Brown Booby

√  Neotropic Cormorant

√  Tricolored Heron

     White Ibis

     Roseate Spoonbill

     White-tailed Kite

     Swallow-tailed Kite

√  Ferruginous Hawk

     Acorn Woodpecker

     Williamson’s Sapsucker

     Crested Caracara

√  Ash-throated Flycatcher

     Tropical Kingbird

√  Cassin’s Kingbird

     Fork-tailed Flycatcher

√  Western Wood-Pewee

     Vermilion Flycatcher

     Violet-green Swallow


     Pygmy Nuthatch

√  Rock Wren

     Bewick’s Wren

√  Curve-billed Thrasher

√  Sage Thrasher

     American Dipper

√  Fieldfare

     Northern Wheatear


     Cassin’s Finch

     Lesser Goldfinch

     Thick-billed Longspur

     Cassin's Sparrow

     Black-throated Sparrow

     Brewer’s Sparrow  

√  Baird’s Sparrow

√  Abert's Towhee

     Green-tailed Towhee

√  Bullock’s Oriole

     Scott’s Oriole

√  Swainson's Warbler

     MacGillivray’s Warbler

     Kirtland’s Warbler

     Black-throated Gray Warbler

√  Townsend’s Warbler

     Hermit Warbler

     Painted Redstart


(1 / 2 species seen)

√  Northern Bobwhite

     Eskimo Curlew


(0 / 1 species seen)

     Passenger Pigeon

Black-bellied Whistling-Duck

Fulvous Whistling-Duck

Snow Goose

Ross's Goose

Greater White-fronted Goose


Cackling Goose

Canada Goose

Mute Swan

Trumpeter Swan

Tundra Swan

Egyptian Goose

Muscovy Duck

Wood Duck


Blue-winged Teal

Cinnamon Teal

Northern Shoveler


Eurasian Wigeon

American Wigeon


Mexican Duck

American Black Duck

Mottled Duck

White-cheeked Pintail

Northern Pintail

Green-winged Teal



Ring-necked Duck

Tufted Duck

Greater Scaup

Lesser Scaup

King Eider

Common Eider

Harlequin Duck

Surf Scoter

White-winged Scoter

Black Scoter

Long-tailed Duck


Common Goldeneye

Barrow's Goldeneye

Hooded Merganser

Common Merganser

Red-breasted Merganser

Masked Duck

Ruddy Duck

Plain Chachalaca

Mountain Quail

Northern Bobwhite

Scaled Quail

California Quail

Gambel's Quail

Montezuma Quail

Wild Turkey

Ruffed Grouse

Spruce Grouse

Willow Ptarmigan

Rock Ptarmigan

White-tailed Ptarmigan

Greater Sage-Grouse

Gunnison Sage-Grouse

Dusky Grouse

Sooty Grouse

Sharp-tailed Grouse

Greater Prairie-Chicken

Lesser Prairie-Chicken

Gray Partridge

Ring-necked Pheasant

Indian Peafowl

Red Junglefowl

American Flamingo

Least Grebe

Pied-billed Grebe

Horned Grebe

Red-necked Grebe

Eared Grebe

Western Grebe

Clark's Grebe

Rock Pigeon

White-crowned Pigeon

Red-billed Pigeon

Band-tailed Pigeon

Eurasian Collared-Dove

Inca Dove

Common Ground Dove

Ruddy Ground Dove

Key West Quail-Dove

White-tipped Dove

White-winged Dove

Mourning Dove

Smooth-billed Ani

Groove-billed Ani

Greater Roadrunner

Yellow-billed Cuckoo

Mangrove Cuckoo

Black-billed Cuckoo

Lesser Nighthawk

Common Nighthawk

Antillean Nighthawk

Common Pauraque

Common Poorwill


Eastern Whip-poor-will

Tawny Nightjar ?

Mexican Whip-poor-will

Black Swift

Chimney Swift

Vaux's Swift

White-throated Swift

Rivoli's Hummingbird

Plain-capped Starthroat

Blue-throated Mountain-gem

Lucifer Hummingbird

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Black-chinned Hummingbird

Anna's Hummingbird

Costa's Hummingbird

Calliope Hummingbird

Rufous Hummingbird

Allen's Hummingbird

Broad-tailed Hummingbird

Broad-billed Hummingbird

White-eared Hummingbird

Berylline Hummingbird

Violet-crowned Hummingbird

Buff-bellied Hummingbird

Ridgway's Rail

Clapper Rail

King Rail

Virginia Rail


Common Gallinule

American Coot

Purple Gallinule

Purple Swamphen

Yellow Rail

Black Rail


Sandhill Crane

Whooping Crane

Black-necked Stilt

American Avocet

American Oystercatcher

Black Oystercatcher

Black-bellied Plover

American Golden-Plover

Pacific Golden-Plover


Semipalmated Plover

Piping Plover

Wilson's Plover

Mountain Plover

Snowy Plover

Northern Jacana

Upland Sandpiper


Long-billed Curlew

Bar-tailed Godwit

Hudsonian Godwit

Marbled Godwit

Ruddy Turnstone

Black Turnstone

Red Knot



Sharp-tailed Sandpiper

Stilt Sandpiper

Curlew Sandpiper



Purple Sandpiper

Baird's Sandpiper

Least Sandpiper

White-rumped Sandpiper

Buff-breasted Sandpiper

Pectoral Sandpiper

Semipalmated Sandpiper

Western Sandpiper

Short-billed Dowitcher

Long-billed Dowitcher

American Woodcock

Wilson's Snipe

Spotted Sandpiper

Solitary Sandpiper

Wandering Tattler

Lesser Yellowlegs


Greater Yellowlegs

Wilson's Phalarope

Red-necked Phalarope

Red Phalarope

South Polar Skua

Pomarine Jaeger

Parasitic Jaeger

Long-tailed Jaeger

Common Murre

Thick-billed Murre


Black Guillemot

Pigeon Guillemot

Marbled Murrelet

Scripps's Murrelet

Craveri's Murrelet

Ancient Murrelet

Cassin's Auklet

Parakeet Auklet

Rhinoceros Auklet

Atlantic Puffin

Tufted Puffin

Swallow-tailed Gull

Black-legged Kittiwake

Ivory Gull

Sabine's Gull

Bonaparte's Gull

Black-headed Gull

Little Gull

Laughing Gull

Franklin's Gull

Black-tailed Gull

Heermann's Gull

Short-billed Gull

Ring-billed Gull

Western Gull

Yellow-footed Gull

California Gull

Herring Gull

Iceland Gull

Lesser Black-backed Gull

Slaty-backed Gull

Glaucous-winged Gull

Glaucous Gull

Great Black-backed Gull

Brown Noddy

Black Noddy

Sooty Tern

Bridled Tern

Least Tern

Gull-billed Tern

Caspian Tern

Black Tern

Roseate Tern

Common Tern

Arctic Tern

Forster's Tern

Royal Tern

Sandwich Tern

Elegant Tern

Black Skimmer

Red-throated Loon

Pacific Loon

Common Loon

Yellow-billed Loon

Laysan Albatross

Black-footed Albatross

Short-tailed Albatross

Wilson's Storm-Petrel

Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel

Leach's Storm-Petrel

Ashy Storm-Petrel

Black Storm-Petrel

Northern Fulmar

Cory's Shearwater

Buller's Shearwater

Short-tailed Shearwater

Sooty Shearwater

Great Shearwater

Pink-footed Shearwater

Flesh-footed Shearwater

Manx Shearwater

Black-vented Shearwater

Audubon's Shearwater

Wood Stork

Magnificent Frigatebird

Masked Booby

Nazca Booby

Blue-footed Booby

Brown Booby

Red-footed Booby

Northern Gannet


Brandt's Cormorant

Pelagic Cormorant

Great Cormorant

Double-crested Cormorant

Neotropic Cormorant

American White Pelican

Brown Pelican

American Bittern

Least Bittern

Bare-throated Tiger-Heron

Great Blue Heron

Great Egret

Snowy Egret

Little Blue Heron

Tricolored Heron

Reddish Egret

Cattle Egret

Green Heron

Black-crowned Night Heron

Yellow-crowned Night Heron

White Ibis

Glossy Ibis

White-faced Ibis

Roseate Spoonbill

California Condor

Black Vulture

Turkey Vulture


White-tailed Kite

Hook-billed Kite

Swallow-tailed Kite

Golden Eagle

Northern Harrier

Sharp-shinned Hawk

Cooper's Hawk

American Goshawk

Bald Eagle

Mississippi Kite

Crane Hawk

Snail Kite

Common Black Hawk

Roadside Hawk

Harris's Hawk

White-tailed Hawk

Gray Hawk

Red-shouldered Hawk

Broad-winged Hawk

Short-tailed Hawk

Swainson's Hawk

Zone-tailed Hawk

Red-tailed Hawk

Rough-legged Hawk

Ferruginous Hawk

Barn Owl

Flammulated Owl

Whiskered Screech-Owl

Western Screech-Owl

Eastern Screech-Owl

Great Horned Owl

Snowy Owl

Northern Hawk Owl

Northern Pygmy-Owl

Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl

Elf Owl

Burrowing Owl

Spotted Owl

Barred Owl

Mottled Owl

Great Gray Owl

Long-eared Owl

Short-eared Owl

Boreal Owl

Northern Saw-whet Owl

Elegant Trogon

Eared Quetzal

Ringed Kingfisher

Belted Kingfisher

Green Kingfisher

Lewis's Woodpecker

Red-headed Woodpecker

Acorn Woodpecker

Gila Woodpecker

Golden-fronted Woodpecker

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Williamson's Sapsucker

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Red-naped Sapsucker

Red-breasted Sapsucker

American Three-toed Woodpecker

Black-backed Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

Nuttall's Woodpecker

Ladder-backed Woodpecker

Red-cockaded Woodpecker

Hairy Woodpecker

White-headed Woodpecker

Arizona Woodpecker

Northern Flicker

Gilded Flicker

Pileated Woodpecker

Collared Forest-Falcon

Crested Caracara

American Kestrel


Aplomado Falcon


Peregrine Falcon

Prairie Falcon

Monk Parakeet

Nanday Parakeet

Green Parakeet

Mitred Parakeet

Red-masked Parakeet

White-winged Parakeet

Yellow-chevroned Parakeet

Red-crowned Parrot

Rosy-faced Lovebird


Masked Tityra

Gray-collared Becard

Rose-throated Becard

Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet

Dusky-capped Flycatcher

Ash-throated Flycatcher

Nutting's Flycatcher

Great Crested Flycatcher

Brown-crested Flycatcher

La Sagra's Flycatcher

Great Kiskadee

Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher

Tropical Kingbird

Couch's Kingbird

Cassin's Kingbird

Thick-billed Kingbird

Western Kingbird

Eastern Kingbird

Gray Kingbird

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

Tufted Flycatcher

Olive-sided Flycatcher

Greater Pewee

Western Wood-Pewee

Eastern Wood-Pewee

Yellow-bellied Flycatcher

Acadian Flycatcher

Alder Flycatcher

Willow Flycatcher

Least Flycatcher

Hammond's Flycatcher

Gray Flycatcher

Dusky Flycatcher

Western Flycatcher

Cattle Tyrant

Buff-breasted Flycatcher

Black Phoebe

Eastern Phoebe

Say's Phoebe

Vermilion Flycatcher

Black-capped Vireo

White-eyed Vireo

Cuban Vireo

Bell's Vireo

Gray Vireo

Hutton's Vireo

Yellow-throated Vireo

Cassin's Vireo

Blue-headed Vireo

Plumbeous Vireo

Philadelphia Vireo

Warbling Vireo

Red-eyed Vireo

Yellow-green Vireo

Black-whiskered Vireo

Loggerhead Shrike

Northern Shrike

Canada Jay

Brown Jay

Green Jay

Pinyon Jay

Steller's Jay

Blue Jay

Florida Scrub-Jay

Island Scrub-Jay

California Scrub-Jay

Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jay

Mexican Jay

Clark's Nutcracker

Black-billed Magpie

Yellow-billed Magpie

American Crow

Tamaulipas Crow

Fish Crow

Chihuahuan Raven

Common Raven


Carolina Chickadee

Black-capped Chickadee

Mountain Chickadee

Mexican Chickadee

Chestnut-backed Chickadee

Boreal Chickadee

Bridled Titmouse

Oak Titmouse

Juniper Titmouse

Tufted Titmouse

Black-crested Titmouse

Eurasian Skylark

Horned Lark

Bank Swallow

Tree Swallow

Violet-green Swallow

Northern Rough-winged Swallow

Purple Martin

Barn Swallow

Cliff Swallow

Cave Swallow


Red-vented Bulbul

Red-whiskered Bulbul


Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Golden-crowned Kinglet

Bohemian Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing


Red-breasted Nuthatch

White-breasted Nuthatch

Pygmy Nuthatch

Brown-headed Nuthatch

Brown Creeper

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher

California Gnatcatcher

Black-capped Gnatcatcher

Rock Wren

Canyon Wren

Sinaloa Wren

Cactus Wren

Bewick's Wren

Carolina Wren

House Wren

Pacific Wren

Winter Wren

Sedge Wren

Marsh Wren

Blue Mockingbird

Gray Catbird

Curve-billed Thrasher

Brown Thrasher

Long-billed Thrasher

Bendire's Thrasher

California Thrasher

LeConte's Thrasher

Crissal Thrasher

Sage Thrasher

Bahama Mockingbird

Northern Mockingbird

European Starling

Common Myna

American Dipper

Eastern Bluebird

Western Bluebird

Mountain Bluebird

Townsend's Solitaire


Gray-cheeked Thrush

Bicknell's Thrush

Swainson's Thrush

Hermit Thrush

Wood Thrush


Clay-colored Thrush

White-throated Thrush

Rufous-backed Robin

American Robin

Varied Thrush

Red-flanked Bluetail

Northern Wheatear

Olive Warbler

Scaly-breasted Munia

House Sparrow

Eurasian Tree Sparrow

White Wagtail

Red-throated Pipit

American Pipit

Sprague's Pipit

Evening Grosbeak

Pine Grosbeak

Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch

Black Rosy-Finch

Brown-capped Rosy-Finch

House Finch

Purple Finch

Cassin's Finch

Common Redpoll

Hoary Redpoll

Red Crossbill

White-winged Crossbill

Pine Siskin

Lesser Goldfinch

Lawrence's Goldfinch

American Goldfinch

Lapland Longspur

Chestnut-collared Longspur

Smith's Longspur

Thick-billed Longspur

Snow Bunting

Rufous-winged Sparrow

Botteri’s Sparrow

Cassin’s Sparrow

Bachman’s Sparrow

Grasshopper Sparrow

Olive Sparrow

Five-striped Sparrow

Black-throated Sparrow

Lark Sparrow

Lark Bunting

Chipping Sparrow

Clay-colored Sparrow

Black-chinned Sparrow

Field Sparrow

Brewer’s Sparrow

Fox Sparrow

American Tree Sparrow

Dark-eyed Junco

Yellow-eyed Junco

White-crowned Sparrow

Golden-crowned Sparrow

Harris’s Sparrow

White-throated Sparrow

Sagebrush Sparrow

Bell’s Sparrow

Vesper Sparrow

LeConte’s Sparrow

Seaside Sparrow

Nelson’s Sparrow

Saltmarsh Sparrow

Baird’s Sparrow

Henslow’s Sparrow

Savannah Sparrow

Song Sparrow

Lincoln’s Sparrow

Swamp Sparrow

Canyon Towhee

Abert’s Towhee

California Towhee

Rufous-crowned Sparrow

Green-tailed Towhee

Spotted Towhee

Eastern Towhee

Yellow-breasted Chat

Yellow-headed Blackbird


Chihuahuan Meadowlark

Eastern Meadowlark

Western Meadowlark

Black-vented Oriole

Orchard Oriole

Hooded Oriole

Streak-backed Oriole

Bullock's Oriole

Spot-breasted Oriole

Altamira Oriole

Audubon's Oriole

Baltimore Oriole

Scott's Oriole

Red-winged Blackbird

Tricolored Blackbird

Shiny Cowbird

Bronzed Cowbird

Brown-headed Cowbird

Rusty Blackbird

Brewer's Blackbird

Common Grackle

Boat-tailed Grackle

Great-tailed Grackle


Worm-eating Warbler

Louisiana Waterthrush

Northern Waterthrush

Golden-winged Warbler

Blue-winged Warbler

Black-and-white Warbler

Prothonotary Warbler

Swainson's Warbler

Tennessee Warbler

Orange-crowned Warbler

Colima Warbler

Lucy's Warbler

Nashville Warbler

Virginia's Warbler

Connecticut Warbler

Gray-crowned Yellowthroat

MacGillivray's Warbler

Mourning Warbler

Kentucky Warbler

Common Yellowthroat

Hooded Warbler

American Redstart

Kirtland's Warbler

Cape May Warbler

Cerulean Warbler

Northern Parula

Tropical Parula

Magnolia Warbler

Bay-breasted Warbler

Blackburnian Warbler

Yellow Warbler

Chestnut-sided Warbler

Blackpoll Warbler

Black-throated Blue Warbler

Palm Warbler

Pine Warbler

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Yellow-throated Warbler

Prairie Warbler

Grace's Warbler

Black-throated Gray Warbler

Townsend's Warbler

Hermit Warbler

Golden-cheeked Warbler

Black-throated Green Warbler

Rufous-capped Warbler

Golden-crowned Warbler

Canada Warbler

Wilson's Warbler

Red-faced Warbler

Painted Redstart

Slate-throated Redstart

Hepatic Tanager

Summer Tanager

Scarlet Tanager

Western Tanager

Flame-colored Tanager

Crimson-collared Grosbeak

Northern Cardinal


Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Black-headed Grosbeak

Blue Bunting

Blue Grosbeak

Lazuli Bunting

Indigo Bunting

Varied Bunting

Painted Bunting


Yellow-faced Grassquit

Morelet's Seedeater


√ = 372 species seen in Minnesota on MBWeekends through April 2024. (The Minnesota list

now includes 452 species; the most recent additions since summer 2022 have been

Broad-billed Hummingbird, Brown Booby, Phainopepla, Abert's Towhee, and Swainson's Warbler.)

Black-capped Chickadee taking a selfie and checking his Cook County list during a North Shore MBW

(Lynn Glesne photo)