May 23-24-25-26, 2014

Near the Warren sewage ponds, May 26

It took nothing less than a ruptured natural gas pipeline to finally get in our way during this surprisingly successful MBWeekend. After all, Saturday's temperatures in the low 90s failed to prevent us from finding an impressive variety of species in Kittson County, and a rainy Sunday afternoon in Roseau Co didn't really stop us from birding as it produced a small fallout of warblers at Roseau City Park. And even though our plans to check the usually-productive Warren sewage ponds on Monday were foiled, the spectacular fireball did allow us to devote our undivided attention to the nearby Agassiz impoundment east of town.

In all during these three-and-a-half days in this remote corner of the state, we came up with an impressive and unexpected total of 186 species, which I believe is the third-highest tally ever for any MBWeekend! To be honest, I was hardly optimistic about our prospects since so many migrant passerines had yet to show up in this part of the state earlier in the week. But arrive they did in the nick of time as evidenced by our 22 warbler species, a total difficult to reach anywhere in western Minnesota. And even better was our list of 25 shorebirds, mostly due to the drawn-down pool at the Crookston sewage ponds (which alone held 19 species) and those seemingly endless flooded fields parallel to the Roseau River.

Among the warblers, the best ones were probably the singing Golden-winged near Lake Bronson, late Orange-crowneds and Palms, a Mourning at Roseau City Park, plus the Cape May, Bay-breasted, Blackburnian, lots of Blackpolls, and our first Canada all at Lake Bronson State Park. Of the shorebirds, that distant and obscure Red Knot was certainly the rarest of them all, but also memorable there in the mudflats along Roseau Co Rd 3 (a mere 3 miles from Badger, allegedly!), were both an American Golden- and several Black-bellied plovers, Hudsonian Godwits (also at Crookston and elsewhere – I suspect I've never seen so many in the state), Ruddy Turnstones, and at least 20 Sanderlings (an unusual number away from Lake Superior).

The Great Gray Owl nest (spotted by Herb) certainly ranks near the top of our long list of highlights, as we scoped the apparently incubating female coping with the 90-degree heat and representing a first county nesting record. Just as memorable was that most unexpected Snowy Egret at the Agassiz impoundment on Monday morning which challenged county listers to properly list it in either Marshall or Polk county (or both!). This site also provided our list with the only Red-necked Grebe and Common Tern, several Great Egrets, and that thicket near the exit simultaneously held 4 species of Empidonax flycatchers plus a Canada and other warblers.    

Gallinaceous birds also made news. Pairs of Gray Partridge (a species we seldom see any more on MBWs) were actually spotted twice on Monday: just a block or so from the Warren DQ, and then at the Crookston sewage ponds. Wild Turkeys of apparently natural provenance were spotted in both Kittson and Roseau counties, far north of where they would be expected. Even more intriguing were the probable sightings of fly-by Greater Prairie-Chickens along Kittson Co Rd 8 by my group and Roseau Co Rd 4 by Craig's. While it's possible that we had misleading views of what looked like short, rounded tails, there is at least one recent and reliable prairie-chicken record south of Badger (in 2003 by Peder Svingen) plus other unconfirmed sightings near Greenbush.

Bird List

• P = Polk Co, May 23 or 26 (including 117 species on Friday's pre-MBW)

• K = Kittson Co, May 24, 25, or 26

• R = Roseau Co, May 25

• M = Marshall Co, May 26 (partial list only)

• M/P = on or near county line at the Agassiz impoundment

Snow Goose      K (late blue-morph at Hallock's sewage ponds)

Canada Goose      P K R

Trumpeter Swan      P K

Tundra Swan      R (late-lingering pair at the Red Knot site)

Wood Duck      P K R

Gadwall      P K R

American Wigeon      K R

Mallard      P K R

Blue-winged Teal      P K R

Northern Shoveler      P K R

Northern Pintail      P K R

Green-winged Teal      P K R

Canvasback      P K R

Redhead      P K R

Ring-necked Duck      P K R

Greater Scaup      R (Roseau and Greenbush sewage ponds)

Lesser Scaup      P K R

Bufflehead      R

Hooded Merganser      P K R

Ruddy Duck      K M/P

Gray Partridge      P M (seldom found on MBWs)     

Ruffed Grouse      K

Sharp-tailed Grouse      K (Co Rd 8)

Greater Prairie-Chicken      P K R (at Glacial Ridge for sure; see summary)

Wild Turkey      K R (countable or local releases?)

Common Loon      P K M/P

Pied-billed Grebe      K R

Red-necked Grebe      M/P (Agassiz impoundment)

Eared Grebe      P K R

Western Grebe      R M/P

Double-crested Cormorant      P K M/P

American White Pelican      P R

American Bittern      K

Least Bittern      K (found by Craig's group at Twin Lakes WMA)

Great Blue Heron      K M/P

Great Egret      K M/P

Snowy Egret      M/P (nice spotting, Denny)

Green Heron      K R

Turkey Vulture      K R

Osprey      K R

Bald Eagle      P K R

Northern Harrier      P K R

Cooper's Hawk      R

Red-tailed Hawk      P K R

Virginia Rail      P K

Sora      P K R

American Coot      P K R

Sandhill Crane      P K R

Black-bellied Plover      P K R

American Golden-Plover      R (only one near the knot?)

Semipalmated Plover      P R

Killdeer      P K R

Spotted Sandpiper      P K R

Greater Yellowlegs      P R

Lesser Yellowlegs      P R

Upland Sandpiper      P K R

Hudsonian Godwit      P K R (impressive numbers!)

Marbled Godwit      P K R

Ruddy Turnstone      P K R

Red Knot      R (first spotted by Denny; a challenge to find and identify)

Stilt Sandpiper      P (Crookston sewage ponds only)

Sanderling      P R (especially at the knot site)

Dunlin      P K R (many)

Baird's Sandpiper      K (Hallock sewage ponds)

Least Sandpiper      P K R

White-rumped Sandpiper      P K R (100s probably seen)

Pectoral Sandpiper      P K R

Semipalmated Sandpiper      P R

Short-billed Dowitcher      P R

Wilson's Snipe      P K R

American Woodcock      K (Larry showed us a female on nest)

Wilson's Phalarope      P K R

Red-necked Phalarope      P K R (several sites)

Bonaparte's Gull      P R

Franklin's Gull      P K R

Ring-billed Gull      P K R

Black Tern      P K R

Common Tern      M/P (Agassiz impoundment)

Forster's Tern      P

Rock Pigeon      P K R

Mourning Dove      P K R

Great Gray Owl      K (atypical nest in aspens)

Common Nighthawk      K

Chimney Swift      P K R

Ruby-throated Hummingbird      P K R

Belted Kingfisher      K R

Red-headed Woodpecker      P K R

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker      P K R

Downy Woodpecker      P K R

Hairy Woodpecker      P K R

Northern Flicker      P K R

Pileated Woodpecker      K

American Kestrel      P K R

Merlin      K (near Caribou)

Peregrine Falcon      P R (4 individuals, all at/near sewage ponds)

Olive-sided Flycatcher      K

Eastern Wood-Pewee      K R

Yellow-bellied Flycatcher      P K (incl Agassiz impoundment thicket)  

Alder Flycatcher      P (call notes in same thicket; also silent "Traill's" seen in K and R)

Willow Flycatcher      P (also singing in same thicket)

Least Flycatcher      P K R

Eastern Phoebe      K R

Great Crested Flycatcher      K R

Western Kingbird      P K (Glacial Ridge, near Hallock, pair in Kennedy)

Eastern Kingbird      P K R

Yellow-throated Vireo      P K R

Blue-headed Vireo      P K

Warbling Vireo      P K R

Philadelphia Vireo      R (Roseau City Park)

Red-eyed Vireo      K R

Blue Jay      P K R

Black-billed Magpie      P K R

American Crow      P K R

Common Raven      P K R

Horned Lark      P K M

Purple Martin      P K

Tree Swallow      P K R

Northern Rough-winged Swallow      K

Bank Swallow      P K

Cliff Swallow      P K R

Barn Swallow      P K R

Black-capped Chickadee      P K R

Red-breasted Nuthatch      R (Roseau City Park) 

White-breasted Nuthatch      K R

Brown Creeper      R (Pelan Park)

House Wren      P K R

Sedge Wren      P K R

Marsh Wren      P K R

Eastern Bluebird      P K R

Veery      K R

Swainson's Thrush      K R

American Robin      P K R

Gray Catbird      P K R

Brown Thrasher      P K R

European Starling      P K R

Cedar Waxwing      P K R

Ovenbird      K R

Northern Waterthrush      K R

Golden-winged Warbler      K (singing male by Lake Bronson)

Black-and-white Warbler      K R

Tennessee Warbler      P K R

Orange-crowned Warbler      K R

Nashville Warbler      P K R

Mourning Warbler      R (Roseau City Park)

Common Yellowthroat      P K R

American Redstart      P K R

Cape May Warbler      K (Lake Bronson State Park)

Magnolia Warbler      P K R

Bay-breasted Warbler      K R (best at Lake Bronson)

Blackburnian Warbler      P K R

Yellow Warbler      P K R

Chestnut-sided Warbler      P K R

Blackpoll Warbler      P K (mostly at Lake Bronson)

Palm Warbler      P K

Yellow-rumped Warbler      P K R

Black-throated Green Warbler      K

Canada Warbler      P K (best at the impoundment thicket)

Wilson's Warbler      P K

Eastern Towhee      K

Chipping Sparrow      P K R

Clay-colored Sparrow      P K R

Vesper Sparrow      P K R

Lark Sparrow      R (near Pelan Park)     

Savannah Sparrow      P K R

Grasshopper Sparrow      P M (best at Glacial Ridge; also heard by Craig on Monday)

Le Conte's Sparrow      P K (heard-only)

Song Sparrow      P K R

Swamp Sparrow      P K R

White-throated Sparrow      P K R

Harris's Sparrow      K (late migrant near Hallock)

Scarlet Tanager      P K R

Rose-breasted Grosbeak      P K R

Indigo Bunting      K (seen by Deb near Hallock)

Bobolink      P K R

Red-winged Blackbird      P K R

Western Meadowlark      P K R

Yellow-headed Blackbird      P K R

Brewer's Blackbird      P K R

Common Grackle      P K R

Brown-headed Cowbird      P K R

Orchard Oriole      P K R

Baltimore Oriole      P K R

House Finch      K

Purple Finch      K 

American Goldfinch      P K R

House Sparrow      P K R

*           *          *


May 22 - 23 - 24 - 25, 2009

A Henslow's Sparrow watches a California Gull fly by.

So, just what was our final species total after all? Well, it may take a CPA to figure it all out, but I still say we finished with an even 200 species! Not only was it nice to reach such a lofty milestone, but this represents the highest total recorded on any MBW during our 24-year history. (Our previous record was 195 species back in 1997: also in NW Minn during Memorial Day Weekend.) 

I suppose some would maintain that the May 22 option in Kittson Co represents a separate MBW, and they may have a point, which would mean we had "only" 193 after you subtract those 7 Kittson-only birds. (Others might want to disallow the 5 species added during the option to Otter Tail Co, although there's lots of precedence over the years for MBWs including birds seen during announced returning-home-on-the-last-afternoon options.)

But no matter what the total, it certainly added up to a most successful MBW. Aside from a windy and rainy Monday morning, the weather really cooperated: sunny skies / cool temperatures / light-to-moderate winds on Saturday-Sunday, while Friday's light intermittent showers clearly helped to ground all those migrants for us (especially warblers: 21 of our 22 species were in Kittson).

We all certainly owe Larry Wilebski a big thank-you for his hospitality at his "cabin" to see his amazing feeders and the rest of his property. As always, MBWs such as this would not be possible without Craig (he did such a great job that never once was I tempted to fire him!).


• 200 species: including all 4 days, from Kittson Co to the Lazuli Bunting

• 195 species: not including the 5 only seen by Craig et al. during the Lazuli Bunting


• 193 species: not including the 7 only seen during the Kittson Co option

• 188 species: not including either the Kittson or Lazuli options   

Bird List

• K = Kittson Co / May 22

• M = Marshall Co / May 23-24

• Pe = Pennington Co / May 24

• Po = Polk Co / May 24-25

• O = Otter Tail Co / May 25 option (4 additional species only) 

Snow Goose     MPe

Canada Goose     KMPePo

Trumpeter Swan     PePo (a.k.a. White Starling)

Wood Duck     KM

Gadwall     KMPe

American Wigeon     MPe

American Black Duck     K (seems unusual in this county?)

Mallard     KMPePo

Blue-winged Teal     KMPePo

Northern Shoveler     KMPePo

Northern Pintail     KMPePo

Green-winged Teal     KMPe

Canvasback     KMPe

Redhead     KMPe

Ring-necked Duck     KMPe

Greater Scaup     Pe (Thief River Falls sewage ponds)

Lesser Scaup     KMPe

Bufflehead     MPePo

Common Goldeneye     KPe

Hooded Merganser     KMPe

Ruddy Duck     KMPe

Ruffed Grouse     KMPe 

Sharp-tailed Grouse     KMPe (best looks thanks to Larry W)

Greater Prairie-Chicken     Po (seen by Craig's group)

Wild Turkey     M

Common Loon     K

Pied-billed Grebe     KM

Red-necked Grebe     M

Eared Grebe     KMPe

Western Grebe     MPe

American White Pelican     M

Double-crested Cormorant     KM

American Bittern     KMPe

Least Bittern     M (heard-only by a few at Agassiz)

Great Blue Heron     KMPe

Great Egret     O (en route to the Lazuli)

Green Heron     KM

Black-crowned Night-Heron     M

Turkey Vulture     KMPePo

Osprey     KM

Bald Eagle     KMPo

Northern Harrier     KMPePo

Sharp-shinned Hawk     KPo

Cooper's Hawk     MPe

Northern Goshawk     M (distant imm fly-by at Agassiz)

Broad-winged Hawk     M

Red-tailed Hawk     KMPePo

Rough-legged Hawk     Po (very late migrant)

American Kestrel     KMPe

Merlin     KM (incl an apparent nesting richardsoni pair)

Peregrine Falcon     M (incl one that almost caught a golden-plover)

Virginia Rail     MPePo

Sora     KMPePo

American Coot     KMPo

Sandhill Crane     KMPe

Black-bellied Plover     M (Agassiz)

American Golden-Plover     M (they even landed next to some of us in the road)

Semipalmated Plover     MPePo

Killdeer     KMPePo

Spotted Sandpiper     KMPePo

Solitary Sandpiper     K (fly-by at Larry's cabin)

Greater Yellowlegs     MPo

Willet     M (Agassiz)

Lesser Yellowlegs     KMPe

Upland Sandpiper     KPo

Hudsonian Godwit     MPePo

Marbled Godwit     KMPo

Ruddy Turnstone     MPePo

Sanderling     KPe (incl an ID challenge at Lancaster's sewage ponds)

Semipalmated Sandpiper     KMPo

Least Sandpiper     KMPePo

White-rumped Sandpiper     M (Agassiz)

Baird's Sandpiper     M (Warren sewage ponds)

Dunlin     MPePo

Stilt Sandpiper     M (Agassiz)

Short-billed Dowitcher     MPePo

Wilson's Snipe     KMPePo

American Woodcock     MPe (heard-only Saturday evening; brief fly-by Sunday evening)

Wilson's Phalarope     KMPePo

Red-necked Phalarope     KMPe (= 25 shorebird species)

Bonaparte's Gull     MPe

Franklin's Gull     KMPe

Ring-billed Gull     KMPe

California Gull     M (quite cooperative and photogenic)

Caspian Tern     Po (en route to the Lazuli)

Black Tern     KMPePo

Common Tern     Pe (Thief River Falls sewage ponds)

Forster's Tern     KMPe

Rock Pigeon     KMPePo

Eurasian Collared-Dove     Po (2 in Fertile)

Mourning Dove     KMPePo

Great Horned Owl     MPePo (incl nests & young)

Short-eared Owl     MPe (2 on the Saturday evening option)

Common Nighthawk     KPe

Whip-poor-will     M (heard-only on Saturday evening)

Chimney Swift     KMPe

Ruby-throated Hummingbird     KMPePo

Belted Kingfisher     KMPePo

Red-headed Woodpecker     KMPo

Red-bellied Woodpecker     O (at the Lazuli feeder)

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker     KMPePo

Downy Woodpecker     KMPePo

Hairy Woodpecker     KMPePo

Northern Flicker     KMPe

Pileated Woodpecker     KMPePo

Olive-sided Flycatcher     K (Lancaster sewage ponds)

Yellow-bellied Flycatcher     KPo (best views near Larry's cabin)

Least Flycatcher     KMPePo

Eastern Phoebe     KMPo

Great Crested Flycatcher     KMPo

Western Kingbird     M (Warren sewage ponds)

Eastern Kingbird     KMPePo

Yellow-throated Vireo     KMPePo

Blue-headed Vireo     Po (finally at the WP&P Audubon Center)

Warbling Vireo     KMPePo

Philadelphia Vireo     KMPePo

Red-eyed Vireo     KMPo

Blue Jay     KMPePo

Black-billed Magpie     KMPePo

American Crow     KMPePo

Common Raven     KM

Horned Lark     MPePo

Purple Martin     KMPe

Tree Swallow     KMPePo

Northern Rough-winged Swallow     KPe

Bank Swallow     KMPePo

Cliff Swallow     KMPePo

Barn Swallow     KMPePo

Black-capped Chickadee     KMPePo

Red-breasted Nuthatch     KPePo

White-breasted Nuthatch     KMPe

House Wren     KMPePo

Sedge Wren     MPe

Marsh Wren     KMPePo

Ruby-crowned Kinglet     KM

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher     K (Lake Bronson State Park; quite unusual this far north)

Eastern Bluebird     KMPePo

Veery     KMPePo

Gray-cheeked Thrush     MPo

Swainson's Thrush     KMPePo

American Robin     KMPePo

Gray Catbird     KMPePo

Brown Thrasher     PePo

European Starling     KMPePo

American Pipit     MPe

Cedar Waxwing     KMPo

Tennessee Warbler     KMPePo

Orange-crowned Warbler     KMPePo

Nashville Warbler     KMPePo

Northern Parula     K (Lake Bronson State Park)

Yellow Warbler     KMPePo

Chestnut-sided Warbler     KMPePo

Magnolia Warbler     KMPePo

Cape May Warbler     KMPePo (unusually widespread)

Yellow-rumped Warbler     KMPePo

Black-throated Green Warbler     KM (unusually scarce)

Blackburnian Warbler     KMPePo

Palm Warbler     KMPo

Bay-breasted Warbler     Po (WP&P Audubon Center)

Blackpoll Warbler     KMPePo

Black-and-white Warbler     KMPo

American Redstart     KMPePo

Ovenbird     KMPePo

Northern Waterthrush     KMPo

Mourning Warbler     KMPo

Common Yellowthroat     KMPePo

Wilson's Warbler     KMPePo

Canada Warbler     KMPo (= 22 warbler species)

Scarlet Tanager     K (at Larry's feeders)

Chipping Sparrow     KMPePo

Clay-colored Sparrow     KMPePo

Vesper Sparrow     KMPePo

Lark Sparrow     Po (in the rain west of Fertile)

Savannah Sparrow     KMPePo

Grasshopper Sparrow     Po (seen by my group)

Henslow's Sparrow     Pe (well, at least my photo shows the head and median crown

     stripe colors)

Le Conte's Sparrow     KMPePo (best views near Agassiz)

Song Sparrow     KMPePo

Lincoln's Sparrow     MPe

Swamp Sparrow     KMPe

White-throated Sparrow     KMPe

Harris's Sparrow     MPo

White-crowned Sparrow     MPe

Rose-breasted Grosbeak     KMPePo

Indigo Bunting     Pe (St Hilaire)

Lazuli Bunting     O (the stake-out seen by Craig and about half the group)

Bobolink     KMPePo

Red-winged Blackbird     KMPePo

Western Meadowlark     KMPePo

Yellow-headed Blackbird     KMPePo

Brewer's Blackbird     KMPePo

Common Grackle     KMPePo

Brown-headed Cowbird     KMPePo

Orchard Oriole     KPo

Baltimore Oriole     KMPePo

Purple Finch     O (at the Lazuli feeder)

House Finch     KMPePo

Pine Siskin     KMPePo

American Goldfinch     KMPePo

House Sparrow     KMPePo

Also see the 2014 and 2009 MBW summaries

following the summary of the 2018 MBWeekend.


Pennington-Red Lake-Kittson-Marshall MBW Summary

May 25 - 26 - 27 - 28, 2018

Given those high temperatures from the mid-80s to low 90s each day, and that the migration of passerines had mostly passed us by (e.g., we only had 14 warbler species), I'd say we did better than expected. Much of our success resuluted from our total of 23 shorebird species (just a couple shy of MBW's all-time record of 25), and that was mostly due to those rice paddies in the NE corner of Red Lake County. In all, we compiled a composite list of 181 species, which is a bit below our average of 185 or so for this NW Minnesota MBW – note that we had recorded 200 species here in 2009, our all-time record for any MBW.

Our Friday in Red Lake County (with a bit of Pennington on the side) was especially surprising since we listed no fewer than 141 species, with all but 5 of these in Red Lake. (I'm told that 143 is this county's Big Day record.) Among those shorebirds at the rice paddies were a pair of avocets, both godwits, Stilt Sandpiper, both yellowlegs, and Willet, and there was also a pair of Am. Black Ducks along with an American Bittern.

Earlier in the day we had also found a singing Wood Thrush in Red Lake Falls (good ears, Jerry), a small lek with Greater Prairie-Chickens near the large gravel pit pond in SW Red Lake Co (the only known lek in the county?), and a surprisingly visible pair of Gray Partridge after that. During lunch at Old Crossing Treaty wayside we had an unexpected Yellow-billed Cuckoo (good ears, Brad) plus our first Orchard Oriole, and in the woods by the Red Lake Falls sewage ponds there were a drumming Ruffed Grouse, Black-billed Cuckoo, and Scarlet Tanager.  

Sauturday's birding was mostly within Kittson County, where the best birds were some late Snow Geese and an even later Rough-legged Hawk at the gravel pits just south of Karlstad. But en route to Kittson in Marshall Co were a displaying Sharp-tailed Grouse along Hwy 32 and a Eur. Collared-Dove in Newfolden, and some of the group took off early to see some Whimbrels found by Barb & Denny Martin that day at that Red Lake Co gravel pit pond.    

Sunday was mostly spent in Marshall County, with most of our efforts at Agassiz NWR. In addition to Sharp-tailed Grouse, Black-billed Cuckoo, American Bittern, and LeConte's Sparrows, we also found a few shorebirds at the Headquarters and Tamarac pools, and a Nelson's Sparrow along the west side of Pool 8 was most cooperative and visible for my group – though not for Craig's later. At least Craig et al did better with woods birds on his route, while my group had looks at two Black Bears on ours.  

And on Monday morning we relocated a "two-fer" Cinnamon Teal at the Agassiz impondment along the Marshall-Polk Co line – it was found the day before by a local birder whose photos showed she had a better look than we did. Before then we had started the day at Thief River Fall's sewage ponds where there were a Horned Grebe among several Eareds, Dunlin, both phalaropes, and both Bonaparte's and Herring gulls. And we finished the MBWeekend with a Peregrine at the Warren sewage ponds and a Least Bittern at the Radium impoundment (seen by a few in Craig's group), and simultaneous point-blank views of Virginia Rail, Sora, and Marsh Wren just off the Pembina Trail road.       

Bird List

• Fri = May 25 pre-MBW, mostly in Red Lake Co

• Sat = May 26, mostly in Kittson Co  

• Sun = May 27, mostly in Marshall Co

• Mon = May 28, partial species list only (Pennington, Marshall, Polk Co’s)

• no annotation = seen/heard all 3 days, May 25-26-27

Snow Goose        Fri, Sat

Canada Goose

Trumpeter Swan

[swan, sp        Fri; looked like a Tundra/sounded like a Trumpeter]

Wood Duck

Blue-winged Teal

Cinnamon Teal        Mon (Marshall/Polk)

Northern Shoveler


American Wigeon        Fri, Sun


American Black Duck        Fri

Northern Pintail        Fri, Sun

Green-winged Teal        Sat, Sun



Ring-necked Duck

Lesser Scaup

Bufflehead        Sat (Pennington), Sun

Common Goldeneye        Sun

Hooded Merganser

Ruddy Duck        Fri (Pennington), Sun

Gray Partridge        Fri

Ruffed Grouse

Sharp-tailed Grouse        Sat (Marshall), Sun, Mon (Polk)

Greater Prairie-Chicken        Fri

Wild Turkey

Pied-billed Grebe

Horned Grebe        Fri (Pennington), Mon (Pennington)

Red-necked Grebe        Sat (Pennington), Sun, Mon (Polk)

Eared Grebe

Western Grebe        Sat (Pennington), Sun, Mon (Polk)

Rock Pigeon

Eurasian Collared-Dove        Sat (Marshall)

Mourning Dove

Yellow-billed Cuckoo        Fri

Black-billed Cuckoo

Common Nighthawk        Fri, Sat (Pennington)

Chimney Swift        Fri, Sat

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Virginia Rail        Sun, Mon (Pennington)


American Coot

Sandhill Crane

American Avocet        Fri

American Golden-Plover        Sat (Pennington)

Semipalmated Plover        Fri, Sun, Mon (Pennington)


Upland Sandpiper

Whimbrel        Sat (Red Lake)

Hudsonian Godwit        Fri

Marbled Godwit

Ruddy Turnstone

Stilt Sandpiper        Fri

Dunlin        Sun, Mon (Pennington)

Least Sandpiper        Fri, Sun

White-rumped Sandpiper        Sat, Sun, Mon (Marshall)

Pectoral Sandpiper        Fri, Sun

Semipalmated Sandpiper        Fri, Sun

Wilson’s Snipe

Spotted Sandpiper

Solitary Sandpiper        Fri (Pennington), Sun

Lesser Yellowlegs        Fri, Sun, Mon (Pennington)

Willet        Fri

Greater Yellowlegs

Wilson’s Phalarope

Red-necked Phalarope        Fri, Sun, Mon (Pennington, Marshall)

Bonaparte’s Gull        Sun (Pennington), Mon (Pennington)

Franklin’s Gull        Fri, Sun, Mon (Pennington)

Ring-billed Gull        Fri, Sat (Red Lake), Mon (Pennington)

Herring Gull        Mon (Pennington)

Black Tern

Forster’s Tern        Fri (Pennington), Sun

Common Loon

Double-crested Cormorant

American White Pelican         Sat (Red Lake), Sun

American Bittern        Fri, Sun, Mon (Marshall)

Least Bittern        Mon (Marshall)

Great Blue Heron        Sat, Mon (Marshall/Polk)

egret, sp        Sat

Black-crowned Night-Heron        Sat

Turkey Vulture

Osprey        Fri, Sat

Bald Eagle

Northern Harrier

Sharp-shinned Hawk        Sun (Pennington)

Cooper’s Hawk        Fri, Sat

Broad-winged Hawk        Sun

Red-tailed Hawk

Rough-legged Hawk        Sat

Barred Owl        Sun

Belted Kingfisher        Fri, Sun

Red-headed Woodpecker

Red-bellied Woodpecker        Fri

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Downy Woodpecker

Hairy Woodpecker

Northern Flicker

Pileated Woodpecker        Fri, Sat

American Kestrel

Peregrine Falcon        Mon (Marshall)

Olive-sided Flycatcher        Fri, Sun

Eastern Wood-Pewee

Alder Flycatcher

Least Flycatcher

Eastern Phoebe

Great Crested Flycatcher

Western Kingbird        Fri

Eastern Kingbird

Yellow-throated Vireo

Philadelphia Vireo        Sat

Warbling Vireo

Red-eyed Vireo

Blue Jay

Black-billed Magpie

American Crow

Common Raven

Horned Lark        Fri, Sat (Marshall)

Purple Martin        Sat, Sun

Tree Swallow

Northern Rough-winged Swallow        Fri

Bank Swallow

Cliff Swallow

Barn Swallow

Black-capped Chickadee        Fri, Sun

White-breasted Nuthatch        Fri, Sat

House Wren

Sedge Wren

Marsh Wren        Sat, Sun, Mon (Pennington)

Eastern Bluebird        Fri, Sat

Veery        Sat, Sun

Gray-cheeked Thrush        Sun

Swainson’s Thrush        Sun

Wood Thrush        Fri

American Robin

Gray Catbird

Brown Thrasher

European Starling

Cedar Waxwing

House Sparrow        Fri, Sat

House Finch        Fri, Sat

Purple Finch        Fri, Sun

Pine Siskin        Fri, Sat

American Goldfinch

Eastern Towhee

Chipping Sparrow

Clay-colored Sparrow

Vesper Sparrow

Lark Sparrow        Fri, Sun

Savannah Sparrow

Grasshopper Sparrow        Fri

LeConte’s Sparrow        Sat, Sun, Mon (Polk, Pennington)

Nelson’s Sparrow        Sun

Song Sparrow

Swamp Sparrow        Sat, Sun

White-throated Sparrow        Fri, Sun

Yellow-headed Blackbird


Western Meadowlark

Orchard Oriole

Baltimore Oriole

Red-winged Blackbird

Brown-headed Cowbird

Brewer’s Blackbird

Common Grackle

Ovenbird        Fri, Sun

Northern Waterthrush        Sat, Sun

Golden-winged Warbler        Sat

Black-and-white Warbler        Sat, Sun

Tennessee Warbler        Fri

Nashville Warbler        Fri, Sun

Mourning Warbler        Fri

Common Yellowthroat

American Redstart

Cape May Warbler        Sun

Blackburnian Warbler        Sat

Yellow Warbler

Chestnut-sided Warbler

Blackpoll Warbler

Scarlet Tanager        Fri, Sun

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Indigo Bunting        Fri (Pennington), Sun

*           *          *